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A Little bit of Art is changing.....

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Hi, I'm Gina Cross, and I have been running A Little bit of Art since 2007, when it started as a small side project in between working as an Art buyer and commissioner at the Guardian Newspaper. It has evolved from something I did in my lunch hour and holidays/weekends into a full time, and very time consuming, business. After leaving the Guardian, I have done what a lot of entrepreneurs do, and that is to start up other avenues at the same time. I have developed another Gallery / Agency business, and I also visit Art colleges as a lecturer in professional practice on lllustration degree courses.

So now I find myself with several plates spinning at the same time.


I have realised that I just can't do it all - but I want to do what I do in the best possible way.

So.... I am merging my two online galleries - A Little bit of Art and GAS Gallery - and naming it GAS Art & Design. (GAS loosely stands for Gina's Art Studio - amongst other things!)

The reason for this is simple: we don't just sell Art prints any more but are working increasingly with Artists, Illustrators and Designers who are creating prints, originals, 3d pieces, wallpapers, books and more. So we need an outlet to showcase that work more comprehensively.

So... the new and improved GAS Art & Design will be an online gallery and showroom for a whole range of works starting from £40 up to around £2500 but with the majority of the work being in the £50-£400 price ranges. I'll be continuing to do shows and other events, and will be opening up my studio space more regularly. I will also be taking part in the South London Art Map once a month.

My mission is to be able to offer affordable Art to people who are buying for their homes and their own small collections alongside working with professional Art consultants and Interior design specialists.

So - in late February 2014 this website will convert to the new GAS Art & Design website, where you will find quite a lot of the existing work on A Little bit of Art plus other pieces from GAS Gallery. There will be regular new additions to the site, including new Artists, Illustrators and some other things I'm keeping under my hat for now!



And what about A Little bit of Art? Well it will still exist in a much smaller capacity and will mostly be a wholesale publishing business - so that prints and collections can still be sold through other shops and avenues.'s all good news as it's developments rather than endings. We are having a clearance sale now of some stock that will be discontinued and an 'opening' at some point soon promotion. The sale continues until 6 February - and will close for a week while I get married and go on a honeymoon!

If you have any questions then please contact me directly at

You are welcome to follow GAS on Twitter @gas_art_design

Gina x