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Living with Art

Gina Cross Art + Design is a London based contemporary art gallery and consultancy working with a select pool of artists and designers to produce limited edition prints and original art works. Our mission is to make art crucial to creating harmonious spaces to live in.

We work with both private clients and interior design professionals to find the right piece for specific spaces - both by providing work to buy at art fairs and at our studio, alongside managing bespoke commissions.

Established by artist and designer Gina Cross who went from studying textile design at art college to spending a decade as an art buyer, commissioning artists, designers and illustrators.

Gina Cross GAS Gallery by Andy Martinez

Gina is an experienced designer and Art Director with a great eye for beautiful art, combined with years of working closely with artists and designers to commission exclusive work. This personal approach means she partners with artists who have a deep understanding of draftsmanship, colour, process and visual narrative, who produce pieces to a consistently high creative and technical standard.

Gas Gallery Art for Interiors

Gina is passionate about the role good art has to play in creating supremely livable-in (or even workable-in) interiors. That means making it possible for people to incorporate original and accessible art into their homes with a reasonable investment in a high quality product. And enabling interior design professionals to source carefully-curated pieces and bespoke services that cover not just artworks but also wallpaper and fabrics as well as specific print formats on various substrates.

 For further information about buying Art for your home, please read here.


For any sales, press, trade enquiries or to make a viewing appointment please email or call Gina Cross on  +44 (0) 7950 415422

Photos © Andy Martinez