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** AAF London 2024

** AAF London 2024

We are returning to Battersea Park this March showing the work of

Anna Marrow
Christine Wilkinson
Jo de Pear
Johanna Melvin
Kate Banazi
Marie Lenclos
Marleen Pennings
Nicole Rose

Find us on Stand E4 
Full details of the show can be found

Here you can see a digest of some of the works available at the show. For the full collections please visit the Artists' pages. 

For all enquires please get in touch. 

** Charity Fundraiser

** Charity Fundraiser

A selection of works available to raise funds to support aid workers. 

Chosen charities are Doctors without Borders and British Red Cross

All works in this collection are open edition and sized at A3 - 20 x 30 cm and signed on the back. 

Thank you for your generosity. 

** Creative Mentoring Sessions - Finding your way

** Creative Mentoring Sessions - Finding your way

Gina Cross Artist Mentoring


With 30 years experience of working in the creative industries - from making the tea to running my own gallery and now making my own work, I have a solid understanding of the ups and downs of finding your way.  I have given hundreds of portfolio reviews and face to face tutorials and worked as a mentor within higher education and privately.

As a very experienced art buyer, designer and artist curator I have a finely tuned eye for what can make a successful portfolio of work in both the commercial and fine art world. 

One of my strongest skills is to help creatives find their direction and help them see the possibilities for their work. I regularly give surgeries with students, graduates, practising artists/designers and with creatives who are coming back to their practice after a hiatus : whether that’s been raising a family or dedicating time to a full time career for example.  

If you are at a point where you want an experienced eye to help you put together a portfolio that will work, then please do get in touch . The options listed below are a guide - each client is different and the sessions are tailored around your requirements. Please do get in touch to discuss before booking. 

My services include

- One to one portfolio surgery to help pinpoint a creative direction

- Pricing of artwork + professional practice questions and answers

- Finding a market for your work.  

- Preparing for art fairs and shows. 

- Determining your focus and direction 

- Website and portfolio presentation

Mentoring + Professional Practice Clients include:

The Design Trust
New Ashgate Gallery
London College of Communications
University of Creative Arts
University of Arts Bournemouth
Brighton University 
Norwich University

Kate Banazi Works on Paper

** Small works under £500

A collection of specially selected beautiful artworks for under £500 from artists : 

Prints and original works by Anna Marrow, Christine Wilkinson, Gina Cross, Jo Bradford, Kate Banazi and Marleen Pennings

** Stockroom Sale + Proofs

** Stockroom Sale + Proofs

Anna Marrow Mini Moonlight and Magic

Anna Marrow - Prints + Paintings

Anna Marrow originally trained in Fine Art at UWE Bristol and achieved distinction at MA level from Central St Martins, London.

Anna works from Spike Island print studios in Bristol where she loves to work with silkscreen because of the limitless possibilities and flexibility the technique itself offers from starting with bold splashes of colour to completing a work with delicate hand-drawn lines, scraps of text and collages of photographic imagery. This organic completion of works often intended to be of an edition can result in collectible one-offs being created.

We showcase an exclusive range of Anna Marrow's prints and which are available to view at our studio by appointment. 



Boo Compton Abstract paintings

Boo Compton - Abstract Painter

Boo Compton in her studio


It's a pleasure to announce a collaboration with the exceptional and popular British abstract painter Boo Compton. 

Boo Compton is a contemporary abstract artist living in Suffolk, having previously been London based where she ran her own successful graphic design agency.   

In recent years, Boo has forged a successful artistic career by creating distinctive paintings that embrace strong visual dynamics, colour and often texture. Boo works in acrylics and mixed media working in a range of sizes. Her work is regularly exhibited and she has a worldwide collector base. 

Boo's recent work will be showing at the October 2023 edition of the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London. This new collection sees her exploring the blending of layers to produce a series entitled 'Afterglow'. 




Books and Magazines

Books and Magazines

A collection of graphic art, design and illustration publications from my own personal collection that I am moving on to make way for new things. I am donating to the Red Cross proceeds from the sale. 

Flat rate of £5 shipping for UK or collection free from London SE5
For overseas rates, please get in touch!

For further details please get in touch.

Carrie Jean Goldsmith Paintings

Carrie Jean Goldsmith - Abstract painter

Christine Wilkinson abstract photography

Christine Wilkinson - Abstract Photography

Christine Wilkinson’s work blurs the boundaries between photography and painting. Light becomes form. Form without substance, existing only as an instance of colour and light.

It begins with a photograph or a fragment of a photograph - car headlights maybe or sunlight streaming through a window. It’s a starting point, a process, reducing the image simply to random pixels to be used as raw material.  Then it’s about finding the subject matter through the process, evoking a sensation rather than pinning down an image. 

Christine quotes Vaughan Oliver "One thing leads to another, and during the process you’ll stumble upon something that just happens, and that in a way gives you the feeling of what you were looking for in the beginning."

Based in central London and with a background in video and filmmaking Christine Wilkinson experiments with film and digital cameras, scanners, photocopiers, digital darkroom software ... and occasionally a pencil ... to create form out of light.

Working with photographic negatives and digital pixels she creates something in between photography and painting with highly colourful results.
We are thrilled to be showing Christine Wilkinson’s work as a new collection of Artist Proofs, printing on both paper and wood. 

Please do get in touch with any queries about the work and commissions.   

Available to buy using Art Money

Christine Wilkinson Abstract prints

Christine Wilkinson - Small Works Collections

London based abstract photographer Christine Wilkinson won the Thomas Burberry prize for print at the Royal Academy (RA) Summer show in July 2023. As an accomplished artist with a long history of working within visual media and the arts, we are pleased to present a selection of limited editions from Christine's extensive archive and collections. 

Here are a selection of works that are artist proofs and which are not being selected to develop as a limited editions. There are between 2-3 of each image and the colours may vary slightly from one another. 

For further information please do get in touch. 

Signed and numbered by the Artist. 
Limited edition of 10 + 2 A/PS

Gina Cross Abstract green prints on paper

Gina Cross - Abstract Artist

Studio Cross is London based multi-media artist Gina Cross. 

Gina approaches her art in a spontaneous way, firstly exploring the mediums and colour compositions and playing with shapes sometimes derived from photographs and sketches - and at other times they are intuitive. She works with paint, paper, leather, wood and copper with many materials being reclaimed. The results are both works on board, metal, canvas and paper alongside some exploratory digital collage works which are derived from her obsession with pattern and light which she photographs regularly. 

Gina’s work is currently examining the sense of place in urban environments, the details that we may miss while we travel around our magical cities full of shapes, shadows, colours and connections. Her recent works are concerned with journeys and moments found while travelling.  She describes her current work as trying to ‘join the dots.’  



Jane Fredericks : Abstracts

Jane Fredericks : Abstracts

Jo Bradford - Abstract Photographer

Jo Bradford - Abstract Photographer

Jo de Pear - Printmaker

Jo de Pear - Printmaker

Jo de Pear is a British Printmaker whose recent work has focused on the flora and fauna of the island of Antigua where she spends several months of the year living and working. Her work has explored the process of cyanotype, using the strong sunshine as her enlarger to create striking one-off works. 

Due to the pandemic, Jo was grounded in London for a year, where she took the time to develop her cyanotype works into other creative print processes. This has included etching, screenprinting and woodblock printing. 

We are very pleased to feature here a collection of Artist Proofs from a new collection of prints . These have been hand printed by Jo in London. 

** Please note : these have been photographed in both natural and artificial light - due to the nature of the ink which has a slightly reflective quality to it - the colours are not exact. 

All works are sold unframed - for framing options please do get in touch. 


Johanna Melvin - Abstract Painter

Johanna Melvin - Abstract Painter

Johanna Melvin is an abstract painter whose work references architectural detail and the everyday experience of living in an urban/suburban environment. Her use of colour, form, gesture and hard-edges respond to the ordinary and sometimes extra-ordinary.

A starting point or inspiration for this process might be found in architecture: a window, an open door or a shadow cast along a wall. Other kinds of fleeting visual sensation informing the work and its preoccupation with the painterly and sometimes cursive, might be the incidental brush-marks found on a whitewashed window, city-scapes or found colour relationships in the urban environment that excite the eye.

At the root of her work is a love of colour and sense of freedom, a playfulness which is mediated by elements of control.

Johanna Melvin is showing a collection of her paintings at the forthcoming Affordable Art Fair in March 2024

Kate Banazi at Gas Gallery London

Kate Banazi

To view available works by Kate Banazi please get in touch to request a PDF of original and limited editions.

 For further information on the Artist please contact Gina Cross

 Available to buy using Art Money

Marie Lenclos Paintings

Marie Lenclos Paintings

Marleen Pennings Abstract Paintings

Marleen Pennings Abstract Paintings

Natalie Ryde- Abstract Drawings and Prints

Natalie Ryde- Abstract Drawings and Prints

Natalie Ryde is a Scottish artist based in North London working predominantly in drawing and painting.  She is also an artist printmaker creating variable state and short-run silk-screen editions.  After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2005 with a first class BA(Hons) and Post Graduate Diploma in Jewellery, Natalie soon realised that fine art was her calling and embarked upon a series of residencies, notably as Artist in Residence at Kensington Palace in 2011/12.  Since then her career has seen her undertake projects and commissions at many high profile museums, heritage sites and galleries.  

Natalie’s studio at Artist Hive in Tottenham is packed full of works on paper, sketchbooks, mixed-media models, found natural objects and huge, new paintings on canvas.  Her work explores and imagines the patterns of nature from the invisibly tiny, through the observable world to the inconceivably enormous.  Natalie says about her work, “My subject matter stretches out under the forest floor and swells in the oceans, it hides in the dark and quivers in the depths of space.  It echoes off my window panes and its colour seeps in through the gap in the curtains.  It is both within me and flows through me. The lattice patterns I draw speak of an arrhythmia in the metronomy of the universal heartbeat that makes me aware of its tick-tock pattern.”

Note: These drawings and prints are best seen in person - to arrange a viewing please contact Gina Cross +44 (0) 7950 415422 


Available to buy using Art Money

Nicole Rose - Abstract Painter

Nicole Rose - Abstract Painter

Nicole Rose is a London based artist who creates ethereal abstract paintings in oil.

She says of her work : "My approach to painting echoes the principles of successful graphics – visual storytelling through symmetry, colour, balance, and the spaces in between. I create abstract paintings based on the landscape around me. Painting in oils, I layer and blend various shapes of colours to recreate an emotional response to the starting image of a place I have been. I love the push and pull of oil paints and the process of an image evolving on the canvas. Sometimes the outcome is expected. Other times it’s not."

Alongside creating paintings, Nicole creates complementary digital prints that are at once a reflection of the original piece – and a new perspective on it. After photographing a section of a finished painting, she reimagines the work in Photoshop; blending, blurring and rebalancing to create a run of limited-edition prints. 

** Nicole Rose will be showing at the Affordable Art Fair, London in March 2024 Please get in touch for ticket information. 

Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann

Gina Cross  

Ptolemy Mann has been creating work from her studio since 1997 creating architectural and chromatic wall based artworks for private, public and corporate clients using her signature hand dyed and woven technique. She has worked as a commercial textile designer producing a range of furnishing fabrics, cushions, bed linen and throws with various brands and retailers.  In 2005 Ptolemy launched an architectural colour consulting service. A modern-day Bauhaus philosophy of product and art making combined with intelligent colour theory underpins all of her work both creative and commercial.

Throughout her long career, Ptolemy has been exploring the relationship between colour and white thread and this process she is now translating to working on paper. 

The aim is to capture the same immediacy and energy generated in the dye lab as intuitive, colour saturated paintings looking at the relationship between transparency and opacity. Inevitably the language of warp and weft penetrates this work too: bands of vertical and horizontal colour intersect whilst suspended above floating colourfields. 

Ptolemy says 'For a long time I've been interested in two specific things: accidental colour and unconscious colour. It transpires that these two ideas; when filtered through the act of painting, reveal a surprising vivacity and capture a dynamic colourful moment. Over the last three years I have been generating these new works whenever (and wherever) I can, using the act of painting as a personal meditative process. These paintings are about how I feel within a certain place at a specific moment. In complete contrast to the exquisite slowness of the woven artworks these paintings are punches of spontaneous, emotional colour.'

We are pleased to present a collection of original works on paper. For framing information and advice please contact us. 


** All works are not available to view online - please contact me to receive a PDF of all available works. 

Contact Gina Cross here


Sonia Stanyard

Sonia Stanyard

London based artist Sonia Stanyard is a multi disciplinary artist whose recent collections are a series of large scale abstract paintings. She also works with paper, creating process led abstract compositions using a single colour. 

Stanyard states that 'Materials and processes are my starting point. I am drawn to making work that is labor intensive and requires a huge investment of time. I feel a connection to pre-industrial crafts such as lace making, drystone walling and weaving. Practices that require an affinity and knowledge of a material, often rely on body movement and are highly repetitive. 

The concepts of reduction, repetition and setting boundaries are ideas that run through my painted work also.

My paintings stretch an idea and exaggerate an action over and over.

I often repeat and layer a painted line or poured blob to a point where the individual part is no longer evident and I am left with an image that could be a murmuration or a macro detail of a flower.

With Stanyard's works on paper, part of an ongoing series, she has used hand printed silk screened paper to form the basis for all subsequent works. 

Setting limits with material and colour help her discover different ways to work with her chosen material, 

The outcomes have ranged from explosively ripping larges sheets to patiently reordering the chaotic scraps of debris on the studio floor into controlled delicate lines.

Sonia states: 'My aim is to express its possibilities. Both endeavours seem to presently preoccupied with an initial restriction which then gives way to a sense of freedom'.