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Anna Marrow - Prints & Originals

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We are delighted to be presenting a new series of prints and originals by Anna Marrow this week at the Affordable Art Fair.

Anna Marrow is a graduate from Central Saint Martins and UWE Bristol who divides her working time between her kitchen table and Spike Island Print Studios, Bristol.   

Marrow’s work is grounded in a comprehensive understanding and love of line, form and colour. Her work always starts with a simple sketch, which progresses to more detailed drawings, colour washes and then adding more details with biro, pencil, inks and gauche. 

Anna marrow original painting 

Ideas for Marrow’s eclectic work starts with research into scenes, prompted by small inanimate objects perhaps found in thrift stores or car boot fairs. Initial sketches of architecture or scenes which inspire. The Lido series and swimming prints were borne from the artist’s love of the modernist architecture found in her local area, this led to further research into modernist backdrops which then worked as a narrative for a range of prints. 

 Anna marrow prints at Gas Gallery

Marrow’s trademark use of bold colour can often be a starting point for works, to the audience it may seem the colour is a changeable layer, a variation in detail but for the artist it can start a mood or narrative to work from a starting point rather than an end variation and can change the whole feel of a piece. To turn drawings into prints Marrow will scan images and bitmap them or simply photocopy them then constructing a screen print from them. Sometimes she will collage in old photographic material or add painterly marks or graphic lines, it is these free flowing details or finishing touches which add a further dimension to Marrow’s work. Whilst a range of prints may be in a limited edition, they are often hand finished with individual details which adds a touch of luxury to the range, meaning your investment in a limited edition can actually be a one-off. 

 Gas Gallery - Anna Marrow


The surprising hand finished elements to each piece are an important addition to her work; Marrow, when asked, describes her work as surprising, optimistic, bold and often humorous. Marrow cites Sonenzimmer, Blexbolex, No Brow and Paula Rego, as her influences. GAS has seen Marrow’s work progress and gain in depth over the years and are proud to have her as a longstanding artist in our flock.

Current exclusive new work will be on show this week at the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea on Stand C1. Prices range from £80 to £2500