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Brand new Freya Cummings Balloon screenprints

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Freya Cummings has gathered quite a following in the past few years with her Hot Air Balloon screenprints and we have just received a new consignment of prints that are now available to buy.

Freya's prints really are a labour of love - with most of her prints containing an average of 10 colours per print, Freya hand prints each colour individually, meaning that the colours are layered up. This is a very time consuming process, but her skill as a screenprinter means that the results of these limited edition prints look effortless. Most of Freya Cummings' screenprints are finished in Silver and Gold leaf, giving them an extra texture and dimension, and they are mostly of editions of under 30.


Due to the hand made nature of Freya's work we have to photograph the prints which is never an exact replication of the work. We are available for viewings if you would like to see the work in person. Contact us to arrange a viewing

We are delighted to also have an exclusive edition printed by Freya entitled 'Prism'.


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