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L'astronaute by Delphine Lebourgeois

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In ‘L’astronaute we see a tiny figure landing on a new-found botanical planet, with exotic almost other-worldly birds and insects either mid-flight or perched seemingly randomly throughout.  There is an unusual connection between the two human-like figures at the top of the image, the smaller explorer and the larger winged Angel, a traditionally spiritual or religious symbol; she averts her eyes from her admirer perhaps suggesting she is uninterested or simply modest whilst he reaches up to her, is he pleading? Asking for her hand? It’s a moment in time that Delphine has captured to encourage us to question this relationship.

Delphine is perhaps asking us to look at what these figures represent, the angel is of another time, traditional, it could be seen that she is representing religion or the archaic beliefs of times past and the astronaut is the future, taking risks, acting on scientific judgement and bravery when exploring this new-found land. Are the two figures compatible? Can they forge a relationship in this beautiful fantastical land that Delphine has created?

This work, besides being visually beautiful and decorative with its deep aqua coloured floral bouquet and bright coral bird feathers, is also beautiful in its symbolism. For I, as a viewer, can see Delphine has visualised a fantasy where the traditional and the modern can unite and create something beautiful. I can see this story as a second instalment in this series by Delphine and could envisage a third piece which explores the beauty of an amalgamation or love child which is borne from the union of this classical Angel and the futuristic Astronaut.  Whatever they create it is sure to be aesthetically and symbolically beautiful.