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Gas Gallery is pleased to be supporting the forthcoming solo show of Natalie Ryde, which will include a new collection of original drawings. The show will run from 9 - 27 February at Carousel, 71 Blandford Street, London W1U 8AB. The private view will be on Thursday 11 February from 6 - 8pm 

Natalie Ryde's drawings appear as abstract, meshed forms floating over the surface of the paper, sometimes tethered to the edges, often isolated and adrift.  They have the feeling of being influenced and distorted by an invisible force and are often interpreted as energy rather than matter.

Ryde employs a systemic drawing technique of interwoven lines, that is visually resonant of her ancestors' work in the textile industry. Her practice often references the patterns and repetitive actions that are common to human routine and movement.  From a distance the compositions exist in an ambiguous time frame, however on close scrutiny, the feeling of time passing and human energy is ever present in the labour-intensive drawings.  The abstracted forms do not offer us instant answers about their origins, rather encourage a more contemplative interpretation.

For further information about works available to buy and to arrange a viewing please contact Gina Cross: +44 (0) 7950 415422 - 

View current work by Natalie Ryde here: