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New Artist Sarah Duncan

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New Artist Sarah Duncan

Sarah Duncan prints at Gas Gallery

Joining Gas Gallery in 2016 is Artist and Printmaker Sarah Duncan. 

Sarah specialises in hand printed etchings and screenprinting methods to realise her extensively researched subject matter which includes both Astronomy and Water. 

Sarah has created an extraordinary body of work following a stay at the Kitt Peak observatory in the USA. Kitt Peak is home to the largest collection of telescopes in the world. Located 7000 ft elevation above Arizona’s Sonoran Desert in the Tohono O’Odham reserve, Kitt Peak houses 25 optical and 2 radio telescopes. Kitt Peak National Observatory is a working observatory where astronomers sleep during the day and work at night. 

Sarah describes her time researching at Kitt Peak: I spent the nights photographing and drawing the stars, galaxies, nebulas and planets. I also made many time lapses, setting a photo off every 3 – 5 mins throughout the night to capture the movement of the stars. The astronomers also allowed to attach my SLR to the telescope to take pictures down it, capturing an image as far as 65 million light years away. It was mind blowing!

For the past 2 years Sarah has been experimenting with different print techniques to visualise her extensive visual research which has resulted in a wonderful collection of limited edition prints. The results are a collection of beautiful prints in very low edition sizes. 

We currently have a small selection of prints and will feature more in due course once they have been photographed. 

To view Sarah Duncan's prints : visit her page here