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Natalie Ryde New Work

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Natalie Ryde New Work

Natalie Ryde Drawings at Gas Gallery London


Scottish Artist Natalie Ryde has been working hard over this year developing a new body of work. Working both on original drawings ranging in scale, from very small to gigantic, Natalie has also translated her work to create limited edition screenprints. 

This is a recent development in Natalie's work, allowing her to create multiples of her work and to explore the potential of vivid colour and textures working with her intricate line work. These works have warped grid structures which Natalie says 'are based on the idea of a Quilted Multiverse, where parallel universes are created to live out the consequences of every decision'. Natalie continues by saying 'I was trying to comprehend the idea and started making drawings of repeated squares with slightly different contents.  As they developed, I played with curves in the grids to better imagine them as flexible, like a fabric quilt'

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Natalie Ryde Drawings