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New Artist : Kimbal Bumstead

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New Artist : Kimbal Bumstead

We are pleased to present a selection of original works on paper by Kimbal Bumstead.

Originally from a performing arts background and described as a multi media artist, Kimbal says of his work : 

Painting is an essential part of my being; a painting to me is not only an image but a physical material object, which embodies traces of its process of production.

My abstract work is material-based and process-led: it explores the notion of layering from both a conceptual and material standpoint. My painting process is a cathartic dialogue with the materials, which involves building and unearthing translucent coatings of oil paint and varnish onto plywood, paper and canvas. The resulting paintings are a trace of that dialogue. Through painting, I am the cartographer of a journey through an internal, perhaps imagined, landscape; where each painting acts as a section of an extended landscape that could perhaps exist beyond the frame. The work is playful and colourful, explosive and pensive; poetically confrontational shapes flow between each other, like the meeting of two or more worlds, folding and colliding.
To view the available abstract paintings by Kimbal Bumstead please click here