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New original Anna Marrow works

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Anna Marrow Original Artwork
We are delighted to present a series of 8 original artworks by Anna Marrow on Japanese plywood, inspired by a recent trip to New York City. They include some iconic bits of New York architecture, including The New Yorker building, which Anna says 'I loved from every angle and took a million pictures of'. The Empire State building, such a beautiful, powerful presence at the end of the towering streets, and, The Standard hotel, an iconic bit of modernist architecture, a building that looks like it is dancing on points. Anna stayed in Brooklyn and also fell in love with the fire escapes and dark brickwork of the lower Brooklyn buildings.

Anna says 'I combined these recognisable exteriors with characters from two of my favourite New York musicals; West Side Story and On the town, hoping to create some intriguing and unusual narratives. Some with a hint of romance, others with a sense of adventure. I love the innocence and escapism of these films and think they both capture that sense of excitement and endless possibility that you get from a trip to NYC.'

All works are framed in a white tray-frame without glass. 

View the full collection here: