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New originals and limited editions by Kate Banazi

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 Kate Banazi original works on paper

New this month is a consignment of unique original works on paper by Kate Banazi alongside new collections of limited edition prints. 

Kate has been solidly printing throughout January and February 2018 to create this large body of work that we are delighted to be representing.  

These works are derived from life drawings. Kate says of her work : "I started from a series of life drawings that I did when I had been ill, rediscovering a love of drawing and mark making. From there I abstracted the shapes and refined the movement to simpler linear motifs constructed from pencil and ink through to a computer output. I am interested in our relationships with AI and everyday mundane interactions with computers which only a decade ago would have seemed fantastical'

Kate Banazi original works on paper


Kate then translates her work from life drawing to computer in order to abstract the forms and then on to silkscreen and prints. All of the works on paper are printed by hand with multiple layers of inks built up, creating overlays and texture. 

Each silkscreen print is handmade and unique. Subtle variances are to be expected within the edition with texture from the silkscreen which is inherent and embraced, within my practice.

View all of the available works at the forthcoming Affordable Art Fair Battersea on 8 - 11 March 2018. For further details and free ticket information please contact us

View Kate Banazi unique works on paper here

View Kate Banazi limited editions here