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Pop Art Femmes - Artsy exhibition

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Pop Art Femmes - female artists exhibition

Our recent exclusive online show 'Pop Art Femmes' continues until 21 December.

Presented in collaboration with Artsy - you can view the work 

here and purchase directly from our website here. All works are exclusive to the show. 

The concept of the exhibition is to represent the work of 10 contemporary female artists whose work represents a view on the more joyful aspects of being female in our current times. There is no doubt there is much to discuss on the agenda of female equality - but meanwhile we are also enjoying our lives and creating collectible art! 

Artists exhibiting in the show are :

Anna Marrow, Cathy Lomax, Ceal Warnants, Christabel Blackburn, Delphine Lebourgeois, Jane Fredericks, Marcelina Amelia, Michelle Thompson, Oh de Collage & Vesna Vrdoljak 

Keep an eye on our instagram account @gasgallery where we will be adding updates and information on the artists over the coming weeks.