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Christine Wilkinson - Botanicals Series #1 - 12

Christine Wilkinson - Botanicals Series #1 - 12


Botanical Chords is a series of artworks which are part of the ongoing project ‘Sheet Music – Compositions of Form and Light’ by Christine Wilkinson.

These works by Christine Wilkinson  highlight Christine’s iterative approach, where one artwork leads and influences the next. Each artwork can be viewed individually as well as experienced as a holistic collection, each piece a chord in a larger composition.

“Making the Botanicals collection felt like a place of contemplation - I hope it invites viewers into a similar space.”  Christine Wilkinson, 2024.

Archival pigment print on 308 gsm Hahnemühle Photo Rag 

Sized at 43 x 50 cm 

Signed on the back. 

Limited edition of only 20 + 2 APs