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Ben Gooding Biography

Although aesthetically Ben Gooding's work appears almost machined, they are very much hand made objects, obsessively laboured and crafted. In all of Benís work he is interested in in following a very simple system which is devised prior to execution and cannot be deviated from during the course of production.

Ben Gooding Bio

Ben Gooding chooses to work with metal and perspex creating beautiful one-off pieces that often change according to where you stand in the room.

 Ben Gooding

The scored works are made by initially carving out a line to form a profile which is then used as a guide. The lines are then hand scored with a needle one at a time and this is repeated for as many times as is required in order to fill the surface. The title of each work refers to the number of lines they took to make.

Ben Gooding Perspex

The perspex works use multiple layers of repeated linear movements, each successive layer twisting and spinning relative to those preceding it. This creates compositional structures that react to the movements of a viewer.


Ben says:  I am attempting with each piece to follow through
the process as accurately as possible, however, there are invariably 'mistakes' present.