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Marie Lenclos Biography

Paris born Marie Lenclos has recently returned to fine art painting having worked as a documentary film maker for over 12 years.

Having originally trained in Graphic Design in London, Marie’s interest has always been in observational image making and her current strand of work sees her exploring the streetscapes and buildings in her local environment.

Marie Lenclos original painting

As a professional film maker, Lenclos’s artistic eye is drawn to creating scenes from a ‘moment of seeing’ when preparing to paint and she works from reference photographs which she describes as  ‘A moment when lines, light, colours and shapes all fall into a particular order that suddenly makes sense to me’

The painting itself develops during the drawing stage, when Marie makes marks on the canvas with a biro. Reality is simplified, in a way, and perspectives become her own. A considerabe amount of time is spent on the colour, the gradients and the light – working and reworking areas and shapes in relation to each other.


Marie’s paintings are being positively received by collectors and her work has recently been shorlisted for the London Contemporary Art Price 2019 and the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2019.

View Marie Lenclos' work here