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Vesna Vrdoljak

Vesna Vrdoljak Prints and Collages

Vesna Vrdoljak is a collage Artist living and working in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Originally trained In European film and Aesthetics at Masters level, Vesna did not originally see herself as an Artist until she began working in collage in 2008. The process began organically by Vesna combining appealing images sourced from vintage magazines and old photographs.

Vesna Vrdoljak collage


A strong narrative feel runs throughout her work, with each piece imbued with a story that can be open to interpretation, by combining images that at first may not relate to each other. Vesna fuses analogue images from magazines and journals with old photographs and bits of coloured paper, to create her narrative arrangements which are all glued together by hand.

Vesna Vrdoljak collages and prints at Gas Gallery

Vesna's most recent exploration with the medium is in creating limited edition prints by scanning found images and playing with scale and texture to create new narratives.