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Gina Cross - Sculptural Movements
Gina Cross - Sculptural Movements - Luminescence

Gina Cross - Sculptural Movements - Luminescence


This series of work stems from Gina’s sculptural practice where she is focusing on movement, space and form. Central to the work is the artist’s intention to include her own physical gestures in the work as a starting point, where she moves away from a rectilinear language and introducing organic shapes to her work. 

Starting with large sheets of paper, Gina creates sweeping gestural marks directly with a knife to create new dynamic, unplanned shapes. Once the paper has been sliced, she then works intuitively with the paper - cutting, slicing, pinning and slotting the pieces together to create new sculptural forms. This part of her practice is playful and unselfconscious - allowing the process to dictate the results.

From this process emerges ephemeral sculptural works that Gina photographs in her studio using natural light to capture the shapes and shadows that each variation reveals. These become studies of space, colour, light and form as she focuses in on compositional sections of the sculpted paper that have been created through the playful process.

There is an intimacy to the works as they themselves are moments in time, form and light captured in a process of connecting shapes and creating abstracted spaces for the eye to rest. For the artist these works have become a meditation on the temporary nature of connection, tenderness and non-verbal communication. 

Printed by Lucid Imaging.
Paper size : 30 x 42 cm
Fine art archival digital pigment print on Awagami Inbe Thick White 125 gsm 

Signed on verso
Limited edition of 20 + 2 A/Ps