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JO BRADFORD photogram
Jo Bradford - Aquilegia
Jo Bradford - Aquilegia

Jo Bradford - Aquilegia


In recent years, Jo Bradford’s experimentation with unique photographic artworks has seen her using instant film – much like a polaroid. The process here happens in exposure times of just fractions of seconds. In 2022 she has taken a new direction and moved her creative practice out of the darkroom and into her garden.

Aquilegia was created over the course of 15 days. Bradford rapidly flashed split second exposures of light while showers of coloured Aquilegia flowers fluttered down in between the light and the film. 

These explorations resulted in unique records of the moments she captured the traces of colour and light on to the paper, all faster than the blink of an eye.

Medium/Process: Photogram on Instant Film

Edition Size: Unique: 1 of a kind.

Year: 2022

Archival mount in white wood frame with art glass.

Price – framed: £2000