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Jo Bradford - Different Time Zones

Jo Bradford - Different Time Zones



Hours : 

Within the new collection of works in Jo Bradford’s Hours series we can see the smooth and seamless gradation of light and colour. The depth of colour is of course relative to the amount of time the light has been exposed to the paper in the darkroom.  Using moving masks to slowly cover the work during the exposure, the results are deep, dark hues where the light has reached the paper for the full hour contrasted with bright areas where the light was only exposed fleetingly for seconds or minutes to create her mesmerising studies of light, time
and colour. 

Medium/Process: Photogram: C-Type Lambda print.
Edition Size: Edition of 25, accompanied by signed, numbered certificate.
Year: 2019
Mounted, floated in white wood frame with art glass.
Paper size: 51 x 41 cm/20 x 16 inches.
Frame size: 64.8 x 54.6 cm

* Unframed price includes dry mounting to aluminium.