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Kate Banazi screenprint
Kate Banazi - Beautiful Rejects #10
Kate Banazi - Beautiful Rejects #10

Kate Banazi - Beautiful Rejects #10


 This is a unique one-off work on paper, made up of multiple layers of ink. 

 Hand-pulled unique state silkscreen print on Hahnemuhle paper

Viewing recommended. 

Size: 138 × 98 cm

Please note that these prints have been photographed and the colours may not be fully representative . The paper is slightly off-white with torn edges.

Due to paper thickness this will be shipped flat. For International shipping please get in touch. 


Printed in the first lockdown in the Artist's Sydney garden, all the screens were developed by the sun and were printed on the back yard table, pegged to the washing line to dry.

Kate Banazi says of these works: 'They’re based on the Sydney skyline from a window view, the idea that a vibrant city was so near yet so inaccessible and how displaced I felt with my family on the other side of the world.'

The silkscreens used in the making of the work are un-retouched, every blemish celebrated, creating variations with every placement contrary to the regular silkscreen process of uniformity. 

'For many years I have embraced the nuances that would usually be rejected, enjoying the life that the ink the paper infuses into each print, making each one unique with personality and using the screen as a painting process rather than a reproduction one.' Kate Banazi 2021