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Other People's Stories

Other People's Stories


Natalie Ryde creates beautifully intricate and delicate drawings that give the viewer space to breathe and contemplate.

Natalie says of this piece: 'Other People's Stories comes from a series of 4 drawings in a collection I call Tongue Tied.  I drew the first piece at a point where I had a strong feeling within myself that I had something to say, a kind of strength of conviction or an artistic voice but wasn't ready to articulate my ideas in language. The drop shape that contains the network is reflected within the interior which refers to the meeting of ideas when my mind is forming a concept'

Other People's Stories has a strong feeling of a main voice or idea positioned centrally and smaller forms meeting each other and mingling. These forms emerge from this central section and come in from the outer edge.  Natalie thinks of it as a meeting of ideas,a negotiation.  Blue is supposed to be the colour of communication and she wanted this piece to feel like it was about listening to different stories and fitting them all together to get a more detailed overall understanding. Natalie drew it at the time of the Scottish independence referendum when she was surrounded by murmurs and shouts of opinion and felt very unsure of her own position so on a personal level it definitely reflected that experience but more generally Natalie sees it as the kind of piece you could look at endlessly while thinking or problem solving.  

'I want it to be quite receptive to the thoughts and feelings of the viewer' says Natalie

* This piece has now been sold.

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