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Photo London 2021: Christine Wilkinson

Photo London 2021: Christine Wilkinson

Gas Gallery will be showing for the first time at the forthcoming Photo London Fair at Somerset House from 8 - 12 September. Launching at the show will be a new series entitled 'Edge of Disintegration' alongside a series of Monochrome works which will be available to buy as a set. 

You can read our full interview with Christine here

Showing at Stand D11 in the Discovery section, the show will focus on two abstract photographers whose work comes under the title of cameraless photography. Christine Wilkinson and Jo Bradford, both UK artists with an obsession with light and colour whose work is at different ends of the scale in terms of their processes. 

Edge of Disintegration by Christine Wilkinson at Gas Gallery London

Christine Wilkinson’s work blurs the boundaries between photography and painting. Light becomes form. Form without substance, existing only as an instance of colour and light. Working with photographic negatives and digital pixels she creates something in between photography and painting with highly colourful results.

It begins with a photograph or a fragment of a photograph - car headlights or sunlight streaming through a window. It’s a starting point, a process, reducing the image simply to random pixels to be used as raw material.  Then it’s about finding the subject matter through the process, evoking a sensation rather than pinning down an image. Christine says of her work The best way to describe my process is that I start with an image of light on which I make marks. Each of these marks enables me to control shape, tone, contrast and luminosity, almost like a form of drawing, creating exciting possibilities.”

Christine quotes Vaughan Oliver "One thing leads to another, and during the process you’ll stumble upon something that just happens, and that in a way gives you the feeling of what you were looking for in the beginning."

Based in central London and with a background in video and filmmaking Christine Wilkinson experiments with film and digital cameras, scanners, photocopiers, digital darkroom software ... and occasionally a pencil ... to create form out of light.

Details of the show at Photo London are available here:

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